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I cannot guarentee any uptime to the server or access to the server. This is my own personal machine. If I need to take it down I will have to take it down. I cannot guarentee the data integrity of your data that is on the machine. There are no backups done to the machine, so if it crashes or someone decided to hack into the machine there could be data lost. I will not be held responsible for any data content on this server. If there is ever any questionable information, rather than get into any battles or fights, I will ask the user to remove it. If they cannot comply I will remove it and delete the account.


NOTE: There is only a limited number of accounts that I will give out. When I reach this many this page will close down. If I terminate other accounts, I will open this page up again to allow more people to get accounts.

Before you can apply for an account you must agree to the following conditions:
  1. Your account may be terminated at anytime for any reason by me.
  2. Your account cannot generate excessive amounts of web traffic. (This is determined by me)
  3. You will have only 15M of disk space, no more.
  4. You will choose a name under to house your domain.
  5. You will not have any warez, pornographic material, or MP3's here.
  6. You will not run any IRC or daemons. If I find them running, you account will be terminated immediately.
  8. No mirrors of other web pages!
  9. You must provide something that will benifit the internet community.
  10. You must agree to be put on a list in order to email all users with notification messages.
  11. Any account not used for 30 days or more is subject to be deleted.
  12. No NON-US accounts anymore. (Sorry.)
  13. What I say goes!
Basically I am being nice and allowing you to have web space on my server. If you are planning on trying to hack your way in or destroy what I am done, please don't. You must agree to all these rules by clicking on the YES link below. If you cannot agree to ALL of these conditions please do not bother applying. When you apply, I will review the information you supplied, and send you a mail note either rejecting, or accepting your application.

What you will get

If you can agree to ALL of these terms and you would like to apply for an account, please click on YES below and fill out an application form. You will receive a response of acceptance or rejection.

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